Hi! I’m Stephanie and I’m so glad you’re here!

Drips and drops comes from two things I love – coffee and essential oils!

I started Drips and Drops because natural living has changed my family’s lives. My journey started with a dōTerra starter kit because I was interested in using essential oils to help my emotional health. After being on antidepressants that made me gain weight and lose my energy, I was willing to try just about anything.

Two years later and I’m determined to cut toxins and take care of my body by taking care of what’s around it, on it and in it.

I got tired of saying “listen, I hate to be THIS person and I’m not trying to sell you ANYTHING, but have you tried…” when suggesting essential oils as an option for ailments and troubles. I don’t believe essential oils will solve world hunger or grow back amputated arms or straighten your teeth.

But I do believe essential oils are a powerful option to try before putting pills in your body with side effects of heart attack, chronic pain, suicidal thoughts, loss of feeling in arms, and death. We are so quick and willing to take pills and I’m just saying let’s try something else first.

Also, once I was in a hotel room of essential oil users and looked around and realized I wasn’t the biggest conspiracy theorist in the room and that felt great 😉

So welcome! Thanks for being here! I hope you stick around and stay tuned and let me know where you’re at in your journey to taking control of your own life <3