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10 Everyday Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

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Lemon Essential oil was the first essential oil I started using every day and I always try to get my friends to try it. It’s a reasonably priced essential oil and has so many uses that it’s a great place to start your experience with essential oils. That said, here are 10 everyday uses for lemon essential oil.

10 everyday uses for lemon essential oil //

  1. A drop in water
    Add a drop of lemon essential oil in your (glass or stainless steel) water bottle to help stay hydrated and support your immune system. A drop in hot water (with honey or tea) can also help with an irritated throat.
  2. As a toner
    Witch hazel + a drop of lemon oil on a cotton ball makes a great toner after you’ve washed your face. Because lemon oil is photosensitive, make sure you avoid direct sunlight after applying this – night time or days when you’ll be inside are the safest times to use this.
  3. To destroy sticky residue
    Lemon oil dropped onto sticky sticker residue, left for a few minutes and wiped off is like MAGIC! I do a lot of shopping at thrift stores and cannot imagine trying to get their stickers off without lemon oil.
  4. As a cleaner
    Because lemon oil is antibacterial and germ-destroying, lemon oil + water in a glass spray bottle makes a great, fresh, non-toxic cleaner for around the house.
  5. Removing hard water
    Using that lemon oil spray, you can quickly clean up the hard water gunk in your shower and sink. Squeaky clean without the gross chemicals in other store-bought products.
  6. Uplifting aroma
    Lemon oil has a bright, cheery scent (and color!). When you need a pick me up, add a few drops to a diffuser to create an uplifting scent in your house.
  7. To flavor veggies
    I’m a terrible cook. When I make anything, I think “lemon garlic sounds good.” I either chop up garlic or use garlic powder and add a drop or two (a little goes a long way!) to my veggies for a zesty flavor.
  8. To help with spot-free dishes
    Add a drop in your dishwasher soap container with every use of the dishwasher, and your dishes will come out squeaky clean!
  9. To lighten hair
    Because lemon oil is photosensitive, spraying some in your hair and going in the sun will help lighten your hair without having to deal with chemicals.
  10. To get rid of nail polish
    I dare you to try and pronounce everything found in conventional nail polish! It’s scary, especially if you think of everything you’ll probably touch with that stuff still lingering on you. Instead, try this DIY nail polish remover!

There are so many uses for lemon essential oil, but these are 10 of my favorite ones to use on the regular. If you use lemon oil, let me know your favorite uses for lemon essential oil!