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OnGuard Tea

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Whenever my husband or I start to feel a little under the weather, we lean on our favorite tea to help support our immune systems. This is a super simple recipe for oils that can all be found in some of the most popular dōTerra enrollment kits.

Because these oils will be taken internally, PLEASE make sure you know where your oils are coming from! I trust dōTerra’s essential oils because of their high quality testing and transparency in the sourcing of their oils. You get what you pay for and the quality of the lemon oil you can buy from dōTerra for $11 is much greater than the quality of lemon oil you get from the Target Bullseye Playground for $3. Be safe with this!

1 drop each of:

The oil can be dropped directly into hot water by itself or added to black tea (I prefer to use a black tea as I think there’s less conflict with the flavor of the oils). The peppermint especially will clear you right up – great at the first tickle of sniffles!

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